Welcome to the RHS Mathematics Department!




Mathematics as a Way of Thinking


            It is the philosophy of the Mathematics Department of Rogers High School that mathematics is essential to the education of all students and that all students can and must learn mathematics.  We in the department feel that it is our responsibility to challenge all students to achieve high standards and to support them in this endeavor.  It is therefore our obligation to encourage students at every academic level to recognize high quality work and strive to produce it.


          In addition to the acquisition of a body of mathematical knowledge, successful completion of any RHS mathematics course requires the demonstrated ability to:

·        Solve problems,

·        Think critically,

·        Communicate effectively in mathematics

·        Connect mathematics with the real world,

·        Work effectively in groups, and

·        Use technology as a tool.


          Although levels will vary from course to course, successful completion of any mathematics course at RHS requires the following:

·        Regular and prompt class attendance,

·        Consistent and timely completion of daily homework assignments,

·        Maintenance of a notebook ,

·        Completion of at least one long-term project  connecting concepts studied in the classroom to the real world, and

·        Successful performance on performance-based assessment tasks, tests, quizzes, and exams.



“Of all pre-college curricula, the highest level of mathematics one studies in secondary school has the strongest continuing influence on bachelor’s degree completion.”


“Finishing a course beyond the level of Algebra 2 more than doubles the odds that a student who enters post-secondary education will complete a bachelor’s degree program.”
  • Mathematics classes are “student-centered” – teachers minimize time spent “on-stage”
  • Students are actively engaged for entire class
  •  Accountable talk is evident in all mathematics classrooms
  •  Peer review is a regular component of classroom instruction
  •  Collaborative learning groups are a regular component of classroom instructional strategies
  •  Focus is on “student work” – annotated student work samples are posted in all classrooms
  •  Revision of graded papers (tests, PBA’s) is a regular component of classroom assessment
  • The RHS “Problem Solving Rubric” is an integral component of everyday instruction – the rubric is part of the curriculum so that students are expected to know and use the document
  •  Notes and textbooks may NOT be used to complete tests, quizzes, PBA’s
  •  Students will learn “organizational skills” as a problem solving tool – students will be required to present a “plan” before attempting to solve a problem
  •       Read the problem carefully.
  •         Restate the problem in your own words.
  •         Answer the questions;
  • What exactly am I being asked to do?
  • What do I need to know in order to solve the problem?
  • What information am I given?
  •  How am I going to find the information that I need?   
  •   Write a plan that you will use to solve the problem or complete the task.  That plan should include defining the variable(s) and writing an equation.
  •   Use your plan to solve the problem or comlete the task.

The Mathematics Department has instituted a program in which students may earn the opportunity to retake a test, quiz or PBA for the purpose of improving the grade.  Students may earn the right to retake a graded assignment by following the guidelines listed below:


1.  Revisions will be allowed only with the approval of the student's mathematics teacher.  Teachers have the right to refuse permission if the student has failed to meet his/her responsibilities as a student.


2.  The student must obtain a Mathematics Revision Approval Form from his/her mathematics teacher, complete the appropriate section of the form and return it to the teacher for approval.


3.  A retake of the test, quiz or PBA will be allowed only after the acknowledged completion of at least two hours of after school tutoring with an approved tutor.  Any RHS mathematics teacher, Community School tutor, recognized RHS tutoring program volunteer, certified mathematics teacher, or individual approved by the RHS Mathematics Department is eligible to provide tutoring.  The tutor will complete the appropriate section of the Mathematics Revision Approval Form  and the form will be returned to the teacher before scheduling the retake.


4.  The retake of the test, quiz or PBA must be completed after school with the student's teacher within two weeks of the original test.  All retakes must be completed before the end of a term.  No incomplete grades will be given for the purpose of accommodating grade revisions.


5.  The revised grade will be at least the mean of the original grade and the retake grade.