• Hi! 
    My name is Christine Wirth (Ms. Wirth to my students.) and I am the host of this webpage. I taught 7th grade math at TMS for 10 years, and now I teach third grade at Pell Elementary School. I have two daughters, Caitlin and Emily. Caitlin is a recent graduate of Rhode Island College and now teaches 5th grade science at TMS! Emily has one more year at Fitchburg State University in the game design/computer science progam.  
    At home with me are 4 cats, one dog, and a very patient boyfriend who works as a computer engineer at the Navel Undersea Warfare Center in Middletown. He also mentors students in a robotics program called Aquidneck Island Robotics, and is currently taking online graduate classes for a masters in cyber security. As you can see we are all very very busy!
    If you have any questions during the school year, you can contact me at the following email address: cwirth@npsri.net. I look forward to hearing from you!