*Candace Andrade Director of Student Services
    *Catherine Ratcliff Secretary to the Director
    * Cindy Hightower  Information Processing Clerk/Typist
    * Nichole Bussiere  Early Childhood Coordinator

    Our direct FAX number is (401) 849-0170.  Please send confidential student records to this fax number.

    We are located in the Newport Area Career and Technical Center, located on the campus of the William S. Rogers High School, 109 Old Fort Road, Newport, Rhode Island. To visit our offices, enter the high school campus from the rear, off of Old Fort Road, across the street from the Newport Fire Department Station Two, 100 Old Fort Road, Newport.
    The Office of Student Services is located in the first corridor on the left after entering the building (Room 908). To make an appointment with the Director, please contact her Secretary in this office.