• BAND (JAZZ BAND)   #800

    1 Credit – Grades 9-12

    Experience is provided in instrumental ensemble performance with training towards demonstrating proficiency in Music as per the RI Music GSE’s. Literature from all the major musical periods is studied in rehearsal and performed for the public.   Students are required to fulfill the following to meet the requirements of the course:  attend and actively participate in rehearsals and performances; actively participate in the development of their musicals skills; reflect comportment suitable to a positive ensemble environment. Proficiency in all benchmark assignments is required. 

    Prerequisite:  Ability to perform on a wind, percussion, keyboard or string instrument and/or permission of instructor. 


    Students will demonstrate the acquisition of a body of knowledge by:

    ·       solving musical problems through the use of acquired musical skills 

    ·       participating in public performance

    ·       evaluating performances of themselves and others

    ·       auditioning for All State ensembles (Advanced and Honors Ensemble)

    ·       documenting ongoing private study with an expert instructor on their instrument (at least 6 lessons per quarter for Advanced and Honors        Ensemble)

    Students will communicate effectively by:

    ·       effectively articulating musical thoughts in verbal and in written form

    ·       participating in public performances

    ·       critiquing performances using specific guidelines

    ·       writing and presenting reflections on performances

    ·       performing a solo at RIMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival (Advanced and Honors Ensemble)

    ·       participate in one additional performing group either in school or outside of school (Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, community groups, etc). for Honors Ensemble.

    Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically and to work cooperatively and independently to solve problems by:

    ·       working independently and in groups to solve musical problems

    ·       developing independent preparation skills through daily practice

    ·       participating in music festivals, clinics and workshops

    ·       performing a solo recital (one major work) each semester, the first in front of their core performance class in school and the second in the evening with full piano or ensemble accompaniment (Honors Ensemble).

    Students will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the rights and responsibilities necessary to learn, live and work in a culturally diverse and democratic society by:

    ·       being on time and prepared for each rehearsal

    ·       actively and effectively contributing and participating in their ensemble and ensemble events

    ·       effectively working together in groups

    ·       performing in public concerts

    ·       respecting the rights, similarities and differences of others

    ·       demonstrating a high standard of behavior as delineated in the RHS Student Handbook.


     Students may elect to take this course at the following weight levels: 
    WL III   Basic Ensemble - As described in the course description above

    WL II   Advanced Ensemble

    Includes criteria from the Basic Ensemble with addition of the following:

    ·       Documented ongoing private study with an expert instructor on their instrument or voice (minimum of 6 lessons per quarter)

    ·      Audition for All-State ensemble (band, orchestra, chorus or jazz ensemble)

    ·       Solo performance at RIMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival in the spring

    ·       Attend one formal non-Newport School Department concert each quarter and write a concert review using specified guidelines.

    WL I   Honors Ensemble (in addition to the above criteria)

    ·       Performing a solo recital (one major work) each semester, the first in front of their core performance class in school and the second at the Honors Recital in the spring

    .       Participate in an organized ensemble outside of school (must be approved by school ensemble director) 

    Practice Sheet - each student must submit a weekly practice sheet for credit.  Click on link for copy 
  • We are presently preparing for our Haunted House fundraiser for the music, art and theatre programs at Rogers.  The haunted house will be on October 18 & 19 from 5-9 PM.
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