Credit Requirements:
    A minimum of 24 credits

    Course Requirements:
    English– 4 years

    Mathematics– 4 years (one year can be a Math related course such as Physics or Chemistry)

    Social Studies – 3 years  (of which 1 year is US History 2)

    Science– 3 years (2 labs)

    Physical Education/Health or J.R.O.T.C. – 4 years

    Technology– ½ year

    Arts– ½ year

    Seniors are required to complete Senior Project

    Students must complete End of Course exams and benchmarks

    Students must participate in the New England Common Assessment Program and earn a two(2) in reading and math for the graduation class of 2014 and beyond


    One credit is awarded for the satisfactory completion of a subject that meets twice during a three day cycle for an entire academic year.  Half-credit courses meet once during a three day cycle for a semester.

     PROMOTION - District Policy 6433

    Each student must earn 6.0 credits in order to progress from Grade 9 to Grade 10, 12.0 credits in order to progress from Grade 10 to Grade 11, and 18.0 credits to progress from Grade 11 to Grade 12.  Absent extraordinary circumstances, a student must earn 6 credits in Grade 12 regardless of his or her total credit accumulation and earn a total of 24 points for graduation.

     A student shall hold status in a grade if he or she does not earn the necessary credits to advance.  The student has the opportunity for placement in the next grade at the end of the semester, once he or she has earned sufficient credits.


     6.24.14  DLG