• Proficiency in the Arts for Graduation

    In addition to math, science, social studies, foreign language, physical education and language arts all students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the arts and technology for graduation. Students will elect to demonstrate proficiency in either music, visual arts, dance or theatre, and these proficiencies must be demonstrated through at least two of the following: departmental end of course exams, a Certificate of Initial Mastery, portfolios, extended “capstone” projects, public exhibitions, and the use of technological tools. Additional information regarding arts proficiencies may be found at: http://www.riartslearning.net/index.php. Students have the option to show proficiency through community arts involvement. Those taking this option need to register an approved plan.

    To prepare each student for these rigorous proficiencies, students should declare an arts track that will focus on one of the following arts disciplines: music, visual art, dance or theatre. When selecting their courses, students should follow the recommended sequence of elective courses for their chosen arts track. Following are the suggested opportunities at Rogers and in the community to prepare for these arts proficiencies:

    Performing and Responding

    • Band
    • Chorus
    • Orchestra
    • Guitar


    • Music Production Class
    • Music of America
    Community Resources such as:
    • Salve Regina Community band, jazz band, orchestra and chorus
    • Swanhurst chorus
    • Ocean State Youth orchestra
    • RI Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
    • List Academy
    • Private Instruction
    See music instructor for additional information.

    Courses at Rogers
    Performing and Responding
    • Pottery I
    • Fine Arts I
    • Fine Arts II
    • Fine Arts III
    • Portfolio
    • Gifted and Talented Art
    • Graphic Communications
    Community Resources such as:
    • Newport Art Museum
    • Preservation Society of Newport
    • Island Art Studios
    • Independent review
    See art instructor for additional information.

    Courses at Rogers
    Creating/Choreography and Responding
    • Introduction to Dance
    • Performing Dance
    Community Resources such as:
    • Gladdings
    • Position One
    • Island Moving Co.
    • YMCA
    • Off the Curb
    • Private Instruction
    See dance instructor for additional information.

    Courses at Rogers
    Performing, Creating and Responding
    • Rogers Theatre Company
    Community Resources such as:
    • Children’s Theatre
    • Firehouse Theatre
    • Newport Playhouse
    • List Academy
    • Salve Theatre Department
    See art instructor for additional information.

    Proficiency in Technology for Graduation

    In addition to math, science, social studies, foreign language, physical education, language arts, and fine arts all students are required to demonstrate proficiency in technology for graduation. As a minimum for graduation, all students must demonstrate proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet development and PowerPoint presenting. Students must complete the course Essentials of Technology as part of this proficiency.

    Proficiency in Senior Exhibition

    During senior year a student must complete a Senior Exhibition and demonstrate proficiency in its required components. A student must complete fieldwork with a mentor, write a research paper, develop a portfolio, and present their project before a panel of judges. Honor designation will be acknowledged on a transcript.