– unweighted, used for Honor Roll purposes
    A+ = 97-100
    A = 93-96
    A- = 90-92
    B+ = 87-89
    B = 83-86
    B- = 80-82
    C+ = 77-79
    C = 73-76
    C- = 70-72
    D+ = 65-69
    D = Based on Effort
    F = Below 65
    W/P Withdrew Pass*
    W/F Withdrew Fail* 

    * The Add/Drop period shall end after completion of ten full school days.
    Effort Mark
    4 Above Standard
    3 Standard
    2 Nearly Achieved Standard
    1 Below Standard

    Rogers High School determines a student’s Grade Point Average through the use of a weighted system. In this weighted system, courses are given different numerical values depending on the demands of the course and the level of difficulty. The weighted system is divided into four levels as described below.

         I    Advanced placement and Honors, JROTC 4 
       *II    College Preparatory/Art/Career/Tech./ JROTC 3 
       III    College Preparatory/Arts/JROTC 1, 2/Business/Music/Performing Dance 
       IV    Special Education/P.E./Health/Introduction to Dance
    * Courses designated as Level II courses are those that demand higher levels of preparation than those designated as Level III.
    A student’s Grade Point Average is determined in the following manner. First the numerical equivalent of the final grade for each course is arrived at using the weighted system chart. The numerical equivalent is then multiplied by the number of credits awarded in the course. These are totaled and then divided by the total number of credits attempted. This is the yearly Grade Point Average.