Rank in class is determined two times as follows: rank will be reported in “deciles” at the end of the fourth semester and “exact” rank will be reported at the end of the sixth semester. Rank in class is calculated for the purpose of assisting universities and colleges in their acceptance procedures and also may be used in determining local scholarships and awards. Final rank for all seniors is determined at the end of seventh semester.

    Transfer students will have their grades translated into Rogers’ weighted system and be ranked in class if possible. A’s from another school system will not be converted into A+’s in the Rogers system unless they are officially validated with a numerical value, e.g., 97-100 by the previous school. It shall be the responsibility of the student and his/her parents to obtain the verification.

    Senior transfer students planning college have the option of not having their grades converted into our current grading system. If electing this option, they shall NOT be ranked with current seniors. They would then relinquish their eligibility for Rogers’ top academic scholarships, honors, and awards. In such cases, a copy of their previous school transcripts for grades 9 – 11, plus their current 12th grade report card shall be submitted when a transcript is requested.


    High Honors – The student must have a (3.70) unweighted average or above based on earned credits (all courses included), and no grade lower than a C-.

    Honors – The student must have a (2.80) unweighted (all courses included) and no grade lower than a C-.

    Since good citizenship is also a factor, the administration may exclude any student who abuses the rules and regulations of the school.


    Membership in the National Honor Society is open to students in grades eleven and twelve. A student is considered for membership based on the four criteria of Academics, Character, Service, and Leadership as outlined below:

    Academics: Students must have a minimum of a 4.0 grade point average at either the end of four semesters or six semesters to qualify academically. In addition, the student’s record must include a minimum of four college preparatory courses per year from the fields of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language.

    Character: In order to meet the character requirement, a student must uphold principles of morality and ethics, comply with school regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook, demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and reliability and show courtesy, concern and respect for others. Additionally, he/she must be endorsed for membership by two faculty members.

    Service: In order to meet the service requirement, a student must show courtesy and willingness to work with others and volunteer their assistance in the community. Students will be required to verify volunteer service rendered in the community.

    Leadership: In order to meet the leadership requirement, a student must demonstrate initiative in promoting school activities, contribute ideas that improve the school community, exercise influence on peers in upholding school ideals and successfully hold school offices or positions of responsibility. More specifically, he/she must be an active member of at least two school extracurricular activities.

    Requirements for membership in the Honor Society are demanding. Not all students are awarded membership in the National Honor Society the first time their achievements are reviewed. A student who does not qualify as a junior may re-apply as a senior as long as he/she qualifies academically at the end of six semesters.

    The final selection of the student to the Rogers Chapter of the National Honor Society is by a majority vote of the National Honor Society Faculty Council as specified in the National Honor Society Constitution. The students selected for the National Honor Society are inducted into the society during the first semester every year in a formal ceremony. A National Honor Society Member is entitled to wear a gold honor cord at graduation.


    Membership in the Rhode Island Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon a student based on outstanding character and scholarship. In order to be eligible for the Rhode Island Honor Society a student must have an overall GPA of 3.3.