• Supplies  GR. 4 Donnelly SUPPLY LIST  supply list

    The following items are for your child’s use: (Red printed Items are essential.)

    1- Accordion style paper organizer (7 tabs or more)

    1-backpack (standard size, no wheels)


    1-12” ruler (graduated to 1/16th” markings and metric markings)


    1-small (desk size) pencil box (Place the following items in the pencil box)

    1-student scissors (pointed)

    1-24ct. Crayola crayon box (Put the student's name on the box)

    1- Box of Crayola colored pencils (Put the student's name on the box)

    2-glue sticks

    6- #2 pencils with pencil cap erasers (hand held sharpener with a lid)



    *Note: Please provide your child with a “Homework Survival Bag” that includes a pencil, pencil cap eraser, pair of scissors, 24 pack or crayons, glue stick, sharpener and a ruler.  In addition to a couple of notebooks and folders for home use too.  These items should stay at home in your child's work area.


    The following items are for the classroom and will be used as needed throughout the year for all students.  (These items should be unused and placed in a plastic bag to be turned in to the teacher):     

    2- pkgs. 3-hole filler notebook paper (Wide Ruled)

    1- pkg. #2 pencils

    1- pkg. pencil cap erasers

    6- (or more) glue sticks

    1- Unopened box of facial tissues

    1- Unopened container of Lysol or Clorox Wipes