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    COURSE TITLE: Music Production Lab 1

     DEPARTMENT:  Music Department                        TEACHER: Corey Johnson


    OBJECTIVES:  The Rogers High School Music Production Class will:

    • develop each student’s inherent musicality through projects using various teacher directed music production and composition techniques

    • survey various computer applications in music through directed projects in notation, composition, midi and digital audio recording techniques and multimedia projects


    STUDENT REQUIREMENTS:  Students are expected to: 

    • work collaboratively in the music production lab to create the following: music notation, sequencing, composition and multimedia projects

    • maintain a journal of required terms and information

    • actively participate in the development of their technical and appreciative skills



    • Students are expected to bring a folder and a pencil or pen to class each day.

    • Music, texts and other materials will be provided as needed by the instructor.



    (Please see each Quarter Syllabus or Aspen for the latest grading information)

    ●     Performance Tasks & Assignments – 50%

    ●     Quizzes/Tests – 50%


    This course has two Performance Based Assessments (PBAs): Quarter 1 – Six Song Mix

    You must pass these assignments to show proficiency.                     Quarter 2 – ABA Song


    HOMEWORK: Unfinished assignments may be completed during advisory/after-school/lunch with teacher permission, but will receive a late grade. Work may be completed at home with the following equipment: Mixcraft 6, Audacity or comparable notation program. (Garageband)


    MAKE -UP WORK: Students with an excused absence make up work missed in class.  Please see instructor to schedule an appointment to complete work after-school.


    CLASSROOM RULES:  Students are expected to follow the general rules set forth by Rogers High School as well as the Lab Rules. 


    TIMES AVAILABLE FOR CONFERENCES, TUTORING, EXTRA HELP: Parents can call the school for an appointment.  Students can see the instructor before or after school by appointment.  Advance notice is requested.