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  • 1/20/2020

    Less than 2 weeks to go and as usual I am feeling some mixed emotions about our status for this upcoming show.

    The good news first…..I am encouraged by what I have been seeing on stage during rehearsals, especially the people who have been getting off book and have been taking some ownership of the parts that they are portraying.  I am also feeling really good about the “improv” sections (end of Act 1, start of Act 2, audience participation, etc…) of the show as we have been able to run them quite a few times and with each run and tweak we seem to add more fluidity and more laughs to the show. The set is coming along, as are the costumes and as long as you all can bring in your additions to the costume needs this week I think we should be able to feel pretty good about that part of the show by the end of the week.

    So that was the good news, now on to the bad.

    We have yet to run a complete rehearsal with everyone present and it is showing. With a show like this, having so many different skits and parts it is tempting to think that since you might only be on stage for a few minutes at a time that you are not needed at the rehearsal, but so much of the way that these shows run is about the flow of the sections sliding one into the next and that can’t happen when people are missing from their parts. Independently the skits look good, but they are choppy and disjointed right now because we need everyone to show up and be present at the rehearsals, both in body and in mind!!! You made a commitment to the show, the rest of the cast and to Mr. Petze and I, you need to honor that by showing up.

    So this week we have two rehearsals (this is quite different than pre-tech weeks in the past when we usually have many more, but it was a compromise I had to make because of the Exam week schedule). So we need to make the most of the two rehearsals we have, and that means that I have some things that MUST happen at these two rehearsals.

    1. Bring your costume parts so that we can see what we need to procure for tech week
    2. Be ON-TIME, rehearsal starts at 6. Please get to RHS BEFORE that. Mr. Petze and I will be there early, so should you. Get in get costumes set, gather up your props and be ready to be on stage at 6!
    3. Clear your schedules and arrange for rides for next week. We are probably going to need to make up for a bit of lost time this week by running longer next week, so get yourselves organized!

    So here is what you have going for the next 12 days

    Tuesday night 1/21- All call rehearsal 6-8pm

    Thursday night (Yes on an exam day suck it up) All Call 6-8pm

    Friday – Sunday – Rest up, get healthy, learn the rest of your lines (I can’t believe I need to write that) and be ready for a long week.

    Monday 1/27- 5-9pm- Testing out all costumes- Full show run, last day with scripts on stage

    Tuesday 1/28- 5-9pm- Full costumes, full props, no scripts on stage

    Wednesday 1/29- Full run with sound effects, mics and props, no stops no scripts on stage

    Thursday 1/30- 5-9pm- Mock show, full costumes, makeup, full sound, no lines given. Mock show starts @ 6:30pm

    Friday 1/31- Show #1, Call @ 5. Curtain @ 7pm

    Saturday 2/1- Show #2, Call @ 5. Curtain @ 7pm. After party to follow at a yet to be named location.


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