• Rogers Theatre Co. Spring Musical


    May 3rd and 4th 7pm each night!

    $10 for adults, $5 student tickets

    Rogers High School Auditorium

    15 Wickham Road | Newport, Rhode Island 02840

    Telephone: (401)847-6235 | Fax: (401)849-3295

  • Plans for the week of 3/25 -3/29

    Plans for this week include; adding new choreography for a few songs that we haven’t touched yet, wrapping up the choreography on a few that we have started but haven’t completed, practicing the songs that we haven’t run in a while, running scenes that we have blocked out but haven’t run in a while, working on the sets and some costuming and generally just running around and trying to not completely lose our cool a month out from the show! No problem right?!?!?!?!

    Practice on Monday and Wednesday will be 6:30 – 8:30, please arrange rides and plans accordingly.

    Costume rooms will be opened up next week is you want to start depositing clothing up there so that it is stashed away and good to go.

    The RTC fundraiser is progressing nicely and will be a great time on April 7th down at AOH. Be sure to sell you advance tickets and hold on to the $ to give to Mr. Corr or the Coen sisters by next week so that we can get a count of how many people to expect.

    Just a reminder that all rehearsals are All Calls so if it is Monday or Wednesday night (and it isn’t spring break) you should be at RHS in the Aud.

    Another week of just working our way through the show! A few additions to the routine, but no real changes to the All Call request for everyone to be there on Monday and Wednesday night.

    A few things of note…

    1. This Wednesday – (3/20) We will be tackling the vocals for the prologue, really the only song that we haven’t run through yet. We have had a few people that were originally in this song that have since stopped coming to rehearsals, so if you want to be a voice in that song take a listen to it and be ready to jump in as needed. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ-qlwdan1o )
    2. Costumes; Start bringing them in. Think grunge, jeans, zip up hoodies, flannels and band t-shirts. Speaking of grunge…
    3. Sets; we are planning on painting the sets over the next couple of weeks, & some paint on those jeans & sweat shirts would look just about right….
    4. Fundraiser; Sell those tickets, gather up those raffle items, figure out which song you are going to sing… you know the drill.
    5. Timing; Please be on time to rehearsals and on time getting picked up. Staying until 9pm doesn’t make up for showing up a half hour late. It doesn’t work that way. Please be on time!!

    As always let me know of any conflicts or concerns.


    Week of 3/11 -3/15

        Hello all, more of the same this week, working through songs, skits and dance numbers! Please be aware that unless we specifically make a point of it all the rehearsals these days will be All Calls. This show isn’t like most musicals in that the ensemble is only needed at certain times, in fact in this show the “Unnamed” characters have as much stage time as the leads since everyone is on stage nearly for the entire show!

    A few notes;

    1. Be sure to clear the date for the RTC fundraiser on April 7th down at the A.O. H. It is sure to be a good time and will help us to get some much needed sound equipment for future shows!
    2. Don’t neglect your script and score work! You should be going over all of your songs and all of your scenes on a regular basis. Don’t assume that you will remember lyrics and lines just because you went over them a few times. The sooner people are off book for their scenes the sooner this show is going to start really coming together.
    3. Make sure that your rides are at RHS @ 8:30. I want to tuck my kids in before they fall asleep. I love you all but until tech week I’d rather not be at RHS past 9pm!!

    As always message me or swing by my room during the day with any conflicts or concerns about the schedule.

    See you this week.


    3/4 -3/8

    Not a whole lot of stuff to update here about the plans for the coming week as we are now in the “slogging thru” period of rehearsals. It’s now the point of the preparation process where there is nothing much to do aside from getting  the grunt  work done that will pay off 2 months down the road! Speaking of which there are a few things that you all should be doing to keep sharp and not fall behind in those preparations.

    1. Costumes; you can start bringing in costumes at any time and beginning next week I will open up the dressing rooms to start stashing away the clothes that you want to use for the show.
    2. Rehearscore; Everyone has access to the score (if you don’t have it yet and want it please email me directly and I will reply to your email with a link for the program) and you should be practicing every song that you are in, lead and background vocals so that it all stays fresh in your mind and vocal chords.
    3. Fundraising; We are planning on having a fun fundraiser for RTC on April 7th from 4-7 pm down at Hibernian Hall with food, raffle baskets, Karaoke and more. This event is still in the planning stages and Mrs. Coen could use help with it so at the very least make sure that your calendars are clear for that date and if you can help out with planning please contact Mrs. Coen @ fundsfortheatre@gmail.com

    That’s about it for today / the coming week. All rehearsals are going to be All Calls and they all end at 8:30 at RHS so please plan accordingly for rides!

    Have a great weekend!


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