• Year at a Glance

    TMS grades 6-8

    First quarter-Aesthetics and Creative process

    Unit one - Art history & Art criticism

    ·       Looking at an art history timeline

    ·       Art critics –describe, analysis, interpret, judge

    ·       Write a constructive response on selected artists (bcr for necap)

    ·       Students select an artist, research and visually describe paintings

    grade 8- realism, neo classical & romanticism

    grade 7- realism, neo classical & romanticism

    grade 6- realism, neo classical & romanticism

    Unit two-creative process

    ·       Review, familiarize, demonstrate,  Introduce, asses :

    ·       Media

    ·       Tools

    ·       Technique

    ·       process

    elements of design:

    ·       color

    ·       line

    ·       shape

    ·       texture

    ·       Form

    ·       Value

    ·       Space

    Drawing techniques

    Grade 8 -Still life with multiple objects, technique, and media

    Grade 7-one object design using multiple technique, and media

    Grade 6-line ,shape, using multiple technique, and media

    All grades -Impressions and Images of Newport using the elements

    Competition -City of Newport, city managers Holliday card

    Second quarter –cultural context

    Unit 3                  Architecture

    ·       “Christmas in Newport”

    ·       Children’s impressions of Newport   exhibit, competition for annual stamp commencing the

    ·       Holliday season

    ·       Principles

    ·       Variety

    ·       Emphasis

    Unit 4                  Cultural Celebrations Around the World

    grade 8 - Color theory with paint& Ceramics

    grade 7- 3 dimensional paper sculptures

    grade 6-3 dimensional paper sculptures

    Third Quarter -Communication and Cultural Context

    Unit 5-Portrait Around the World


    ·       balance

    ·       proportion

    ·       movement

    ·       rhythm

    ·       pattern

    Unit 6-Culture ,rituals  and symbolic meaning in art

    Grade 6- 3 dimensional paper sculptures on select artist

    grade 7- Op art 

    grade 8- Guest speakers –rough point

    Art youth month-Newport Art museum

    Fourth Quarter -Creative process, Aesthetics, communication and cultural context

    Unit 7                   Principles Unity & Contrast, Ocean Life

    grade 6 -3 Dimensional Sculpture-With Fan Structure

    grade 7- Texture  with Sea Creatures

    grade 8- Rough Point Project -tba