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    Rogers High School

    Quarter 1 Syllabus

    Academic Year - 2014-2015

    Quarter 1 - ends Nov 7th


    Teacher:  Corey Johnson                                                           Course #/Title: 809 - Music Production Studio 1

    E-Mail: CoreyJohnson@newportrischools.org         Room: 306

    Office hours: Students can see the instructor before or after school by appointment. Advance notice is requested. Parents may email or call for an appointment.

    Course description:

    To develop each student’s inherent musicality through projects using various teacher directed music production and composition techniques. Students will survey various computer applications in music through directed projects in sequencing, notation, composition, midi and digital audio recording techniques and multimedia projects.

    Course materials: Music, texts and other materials will be provided as needed by the instructor.

    Student Expectations:  Students are expected to: 

    • bring a pencil or pen to class each day

    • maintain a notebook/folder of required terms and information

    • work in the music production lab to create various projects

    • actively participate in the development of their technical & appreciative skills


    Homework: Unfinished assignments may be completed during advisory/after-school with teacher permission, but will receive a late grade. Work may be completed at home with the following equipment: Mac Computer with Garageband or comparable notation program.

    Make-Up Work: Students with an excused absence may make up work missed in class.  Please see instructor to schedule an appointment to complete work after-school or during advisory

    Performance Based Assessment: This course has two PBAs:  Six Song Mix & ABA Song

    Quarter Goals:

    Rhode Island Music Grade Span Expectation 9-12: M1 (9-12) – 2

    Students show evidence of improvising, composing, and arranging

    b. composing original melodies using accepted compositional devices (e.g. melodic variation, diminution, augmentation) or creating accompaniment for original or existing melodies (e.g., harmonizing using diatonic chords, use of triadic harmony)


    Rhode Island Music Grade Span Expectation 9-12: M3 (9-12) –1

    Students perform music alone and with others in a variety of settings…

    d. presenting a composition using a virtual instrument and digital audio software


    Grading Policy:

    (Please see each Quarter Syllabus or the Aspen for the latest grading information & assignments)

    ●     Performance Tasks/Assignments - 50% 

    ●       Rock Beat Unit

    ●       MixcraftExploration-Rapunzel,Caulflower,Callisteia

    ●       Mixcraft Scavenger Hunt

    ●       Parts of Mixcraft

    ●       Loop Explorations

    ●       Loops Tutorial - Beginner

    ●       Editing Digtal Audio Interview- Mr. Schreiner Flub

    ●       Real Life Situations Worksheet

    ●       Audio Effects Part 1 - #s 1 - 5

    ●       Bring Back 2 - Real Life Situations

    ●       Gosh Darn it to Heck Discussion

    ●       Gosh Dang it to Heck Assignment

    ●       Two Minute Song Loop - Mixcraft.mp3 & Audacity.wav

    ●       Skill Building 2-Cut & Paste, Beat Match, SlowDown

    ●       Twinkle Remix - (Your Name Twinkle Remix.zip)

    ●       Happy Remix Part 1 - (Your Name Happy Class.zip)

    ●       Drum Circle - Beats & Patterns

    ●       Happy Pt 2 - add clap... + rit. & drumbot.com

    ●       Happy Mashup - add drumbot beat and 2nd song

    ●     Quizzes/Tests – 50%

    ○     Rock Beat Playing Quiz

    ○     Six Song Mix

    ○     Six Song Mix Revision

    ○     Kids Song Mashup