• 1st Quarter

    1st Quarter

    This is what we are studying this quarter

    English, Language Arts- Rituals and Routines of Reader's and Writer's Workshop. The genre of Fable will be discussed and read. Children will use the comprehension strategy of rereading, identifying story elements and character development.
    Math- The routines of Math Workshop including the introduction of Reflex Math Fact Fluency program will be an important part of our September learning. Numbers and Operations will be a focus this quarter.
    Science- The Big Idea is... Earth Materials can be sorted by their properties as well as used to make other things. We will used the Scientific Method and Inquiry in order to explore a Pebbles, Sand and Silt. Focus Questions will drive our inquiry and the hands on lessons reinforce major concepts and skills.
    Social Studies- Aquidneck Island is where we live! Children will become familiar with the local geography and what Our island provided THEN and NOW. Landforms begin our study and then we move on to locations on the map and what makes our island special. In second grade we spend much of our time learning how to work with one another, initiate a conversation, voice opinions and facts and be a productive member of the classroom community. The curriculum allows many opportunities for such activities.

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