• TOPICSELECTION worksheet:  Keywords andParagraph. DUE:   THURSDAY, SEPT. 27, 2012


    Name:__________________________________________Teacher:  ____________________ 


    My topic is: _______________________________________________________

    Part One: 3 Keywords (search terms) tostart my research:

    Beginby reading an encyclopedia article about your topic. What do you want to knowmore about?  As you read, ask yourselfwho, what, when, where, why, and how. Identify at least three keywords to help you find more information.  Makesure your keywords are spelled correctly.


    1.  ___________________________________  2. ___________________________________


    3. ___________________________________

    Part Two: Write a paragraph answering thefollowing questions:

    Your topic will be on a TURNING POINT in US History.  The dictionary defines “turning point” as apoint at which a decisive change takes place. A turning point is more than just an important event that happened along time ago.  It is an idea, event oraction that directly, and sometimes indirectly, caused change.  This change could be social or cultural,affecting society’s way of thinking or way of acting.  It could be political, leading to newlegislation or to a new government taking charge.  It could be economic, affecting how goods areproduced, bought and sold, or how much or how little a society has to spend onsuch items.  A turning point can be thelife of a single person who inspires or affects other people.  Remember that you can choose to focus on aturning point in local or state history, as well.  Don’t forget the very important “in History”part of the theme- your topic must truly be historical and not just a currentevent or recent idea.

    Write a paragraph that answers the following questions aboutthe Turning Points In History event that you have chosen as a topic.  Your firstsentence should tell us:  what is the turning point called, when did it occur or develop, why did it occur, and whowere the people or groups involved in the turning point. Capturing the ‘InHistory’ part of the theme is critical for a National History Day project, soyour second sentence should answerthe question how did people react initially, in the short term (within a fewyears), and over the longer term (in later years), to the turning point? (Note:Some turning points are obvious at the time, sometimes the impact is only clearin retrospect).  Your third sentence should explain if yourtopic brought success or failure, did it lead to a positive or negativechange/result?  Your fourth sentence should answer the mostimportant word - consequences: how does your topic have long-term impact?  How did it change history? (yourinterpretation of the consequences and historical significance of your topicshould be based on your research and supported by evidence).

    Write your foursentences on the back of this paper.

     PartThree: Begin Research

    I have used my keywords to search formaterial.  I understand that I must havetwo print sources. (Books and/or Magazine) I have completed a search and foundthe following items:


     1. Library Search (books) Book Title/Author/Publisher/Date_____________________________


     2.  Bookor Magazine Article Title/Author/Publisher/Date _______________________________



    3.  Internet Article Title/author/date ofsearch__________________________________________

    Websiteaddress: ______________________________________________________________