Instructor:  Mrs. Bagley                 E-mail: sarahbagley@newportrischools.org



    Office: Girls Locker Room              Phone:  401-847-6235 x2613

    Course DescriptionAchieving and maintaining good health is essential to lifelong development.  In this course, students will learn how to maintain, reinforce, and enhance their health, health-related skills, health attitudes and practices.  It is important for students to maintain a positive attitude towards health and wellness as they mature into responsible and conscious adults.  The goal of this course is to enable the student to assess their own lifestyle and risk behaviors and make informed, educated decisions about health issues.



    This course addresses the following academic standards:


    ·         Students will understand how practicing certain behaviors will promote health and prevent the onset of disease, as well as understand the           physiology behind specific diseases.




    ·         Students will understand how to reduce their health risks through the practice of healthy behaviors.




    ·         Students will learn how to make decisions that lead to better health.



    Course Content:


    General Wellness and Disease Prevention        Decision Making and Risk Taking



    Mental and Emotional Health                          Suicide Awareness and Prevention



    Injury Prevention and Safety                           Healthy Relationships & Dating Violence



    Nutrition and Food Labels                              Eating Disorders
    Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction               Accessing Valid Health Information

    Reproductive Systems                                    Abstinence and Contraception Methods
    Sexually Transmitted Infections                       Pregnancy and Childbirth
    Please contact me if you would like further information on course content or if you would like your student to be excused from any class session due to content and an alternative-learning materials/space will be provided during that instructional time. 


    Class Rules


    The health classroom will be a place where students can interact, generate ideas, address issues, reflect, and learn in a safe and welcome environment.  That environment requires the following rules and expectations be followed at all times by students and the teacher:




    RESPECT:  for self, others, property and the learning environment


    RESPONSIBLE:  for behavior and learning


    READY:  to actively participate in all learning tasks


    Academic Expectations: 


    Health Binder: All students will be required to maintain a 3-ring binder.  The binder MUST contain all homework assignments, class handouts, returned materials, etc. throughout the duration of the course.  The binder will be randomly checked for a “notebook grade” throughout the year.   




    Work Completion: Students are expected to fully complete all assignments/projects within the assigned time.  Quality work is expected; student work should demonstrate effort, pride and an investment in the assigned task.



    Late Work: Late work will be accepted up to one week after the due date (unless excused from administration/guidance).  Points will be deducted each school day that passes. 




    Absences: If a student is absent from class it is the student’s responsibility to see me for missed work AND to turn in work that was due. You are encouraged to e-mail me if you are absent.




    Participation: Students are expected to participate in class discussions on a regular basis.  Being engaged in conversation about content topics and issues is a vital part of learning the material and developing communication skills.



    Concerns/Extra Help: Please see me immediately if you have questions or concerns regarding class content or assignments. 




    Grading Policy:


    Participation: 20% (daily points for participation)



    Homework:    20% (some will be homework checks/not collected)



    Quizzes:       20% (announced and unannounced)



    Tests:           40% (after each unit and some projects may be a test grade)