Viking Viewpoint Blog: Good News at Rogers High School

  • This Season's Art at Rogers High School

    Posted by Corey Johnson on 6/18/2013

    Art at the Library

    Art students in Hope Chella and Barbara Wunderler's classes have artwork on display at the Newport Public Library this June for their final art show of the school year. Bravo!
    A sign pointing to the Rogers High School Student Art Exhibit
    A glass case of student artwork
     Student artwork on display at the Newport Public Library

     Pictures from the Spring Art Show

     In May, the Rogers Art department turned the 800’s wing into a gallery space to showcase all student artwork. Upper level art students wrote artists statements and created a retrospective display of their work.
    The 800s wing hallway filled with artwork  
    Student artwork displays  
    A student and family member posing with his artwork  
    A display of student artwork  
    A student and a family member posing with her artwork  
    A family posing for the camera in front of artwork  
    A "Sign in Here if you came to the Art Show" poster  


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  • Green Team Award and A Dinner Party

    Posted by Corey Johnson on 6/3/2013

    Green Team Student Award

    Cormick Daileader has been a loyal and dedicated member of the Green Team for the last two years. During the Advisory period, he has joyfully travelled the hallways collecting recyclables door to door. On Wednesday June 5th, Cormick was presented with the Think Green Environmental Achievement Award for his demonstrated leadership and his commitment to recycling efforts at Rogers High School. Congratulations Cormick!
     Cormick wheeling a green recycle bin.  Cormick wheeling a green recycle barrell down the hallways of Rogers

    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner           

    Mr. Ferris' AP European History Classes completed their "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" projects with meals in the Colonial Dining Room. Students were to organize a dinner party for eight historical personages from the course. They had to give their reasoning for inviting each guest, organize and explain the seating arrangements and provide a partial transcript of the conversation. To complete the assignment, they had to portray one of their characters at our dinner party . Extra credit was given for dressing in costume.
    Sign: AP European History 7 Go to the Colonial Dining Room for First Lunch Mr. Ferris as the dinner host Otto von Bismarck Kate as Joan of Arc
     Wes as Tycho Brahe Alex as Charlotte Corday
     Matt as Stalin
    Will as Beethoven

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  • The Spring Musical & Two Dissections

    Posted by Corey Johnson on 5/22/2013

     Guys & Dolls

    Guys & Dolls Musical Poster
    Congratulations to the Rogers Theater Company for this week's amazing performance of Guys and Dolls! 
    The cast went all out for this classic musical with high level student performances, eye-catching costumes, over-the-top dance numbers,  a large pit band and guest appearances by Rogers faculty members. 
    Featuring songs like “Luck be a Lady," "Bushel and a Peck" and "Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat,” the Rogers Theater Company had the audience from overture to final bow!
    Guys & Dolls characters Benny Southstreet, Nicely, Nicely Johnson & Nathan Detroit
    Miss Adelaide (center) and her Hot Box Girls  
     Sky Masterson
     Characters Sarah Brown & her grandfather Arvide Abernathy

     Pig Dissections

    Ms. Copeley's Physiology class had a busy week of dissecting pigs to observe their internal anatomy. Using pigs as models, the students were able to get a better understanding of the respiratory, digestive, reproductive and cardiovascular systems. They even measured the length of the small intestines! 
    Students dissecting pigs in a Physiology lab A student dissecting a pig in a Physiology lab
    A student showing an organ from a pig dissection in a Physiology lab A students dissecting a pig in a Physiology lab  

    A Learning CollabrationBallard Park Geology Fieldtrip with Friends of Ballard Park with Jeanine Silversmith

    Ballard Park Geology Fieldtrip with Friends of Ballard Park with Jeanine Silversmith  
    Mrs. Borgueta's class

     And the Viking View Blog Pic of the Day...

    Earthworm Dissection in Biology - a worm's digestive tract laid out  
    Earthworm Dissection in Biology - Studying Evolutionary Adaptations in Animals  
     Mrs. Borgueta's Biology class

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