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    COURSE TITLE: Chorus
    DEPARTMENT:  Music Department                                             TEACHER:  Corey Johnson
    OBJECTIVES:  The Rogers High School Chorus program will:
    foster creativity
    develop  solo and ensemble skills
    further develop each student’s musical abilities and sensibilities
    encourage lifelong participation in and appreciation of music.
    STUDENT REQUIREMENTS:  Students are expected to:                
    adequately prepare for each class by reviewing music at home
    maintain a journal of required musical terms and information
    attend all required concerts and functions
    wear appropriate attire for performances
    actively participate in the development of their technical and appreciative skills
    Students are expected to bring music, a journal and a pencil to class each day.
    Music and other materials will be provided as needed by the instructor.
    (Varies from quarter to quarter – please see each Quarter Syllabus or the Aspen for details)
    Concerts/Performances = 30% (Approx. Q1=1,Q2=3,Q3=1,Q4=3)(See Attendance Policy below)
    Homework/Practice Sheets = 10%
    Participation - daily effort/attitude/attendance = 20%
    Classwork = 20%
    Tests/Quizzes/Assessments = 20%
    The success of the Rogers High School Chorus depends upon the commitment and dedication of each and every member. It is therefore necessary to have a strict attendance policy for all chorus performances, concerts and dress rehearsals. Attendance is taken at all choral events and all students are assessed & self-assessed by rubric.
    Students must contact Mrs. Johnson at least one week in advance with a written parent note in the case of a major family conflict scheduled on the day of a choral event. Students who fail to do this or are absent from the performance will have their grade reduced by one letter grade (10%). Work is not an excuse. Not having a ride is not an excuse. Sicknesses must be called in to Mrs. Johnson prior to an event. The student must present a written parent note to the instructor the next class day in order to arrange make-up work; the teacher is not responsible for approaching the student regarding make up work.  Students will have one week after the make-up assignment is received to turn in work after an excused absence.
    HOMEWORK:  Students are expected to prepare for each rehearsal, which requires from 60-90 minutes of home practice per week.  Additional written assignments will also be assigned. Please see quarter syllabus.
    MAKE -UP WORK:  See Attendance Policy for concerts. An absence from a class period will result in a zero for the day. Extra credit opportunities will be made available.
    TIMES AVAILABLE FOR CONFERENCES, TUTORING, EXTRA HELP: Parents can call the school for an appointment.  Students can see the instructor before or after school by appointment. 
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