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    GEOMETRY - 421



    Teacher: Mrs. Cousins 



    • Students are required to attend class regularly and promptly. 

    • All students are expected to come to class prepared to learn (with their math notebook, pen/pencil, calculator, etc.). 

    • Students will be required to maintain a math notebook.

    • Students will observe all rules and regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook.

    • Class will be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


      Books, Materials, Supplies:

    • Textbook: Geometry, Prentice Hall

    • Students may purchase a scientific calculator for use both in and out of the classroom.



    • Homework, both short and long-term assignments, will be assigned on a daily basis. 


      Make-up Policies:

    • It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and make up all work missed due to an absence (both graded and ungraded assignments).

    • All work missed due to absence must be made up within one week of the date assigned.  Failure to make-up work will result in a grade of ZERO for the assignment.


      Grading Policy:

    • Class/Homework assignments – 20% of quarterly grade

    • Quizzes/Short PBA’s – 40% of quarterly grade

    • Tests/Full-Period PBA’s – 40% of quarterly grade

    • Specified assessments may be retaken.  In order to do so, all homework and class assignments must be complete.  In addition, you must come after school for help on the necessary material, and then retake the assessment.  You will then earn the average of the two scores.

    • Any benchmarks require a passing grade to receive credit for the course. All students will be given multiple opportunities to retake a benchmark. A grade of 65% is required for proficiency.


    Extra Help:

    • Excluding Tuesdays, I am available after school to meet with students for extra help and to make-up assignments.  Advisory period will also be used to make up assignments and provide extra assistance. 


      Contact Info:

    • MaryCousins@npsri.net

              (401) 847-6235 ext. 3367 
Last Modified on November 19, 2015