• Rogers High School


    AcademicYear – 2013-2014

    Quarters 1-4


    Teacher:  Jamie Butterworth                                    Course #/title: Interdisciplinary LanguageArts


    Room: 303                                                           Meetings times:  Monday and Friday 9:17-10:05

                                                                                                      Tuesday and Wednesday 8:46-9:55


    E-Mail:  jamiebutterworth@newportrischools.org    


    Officehours: 7:30am -2:00pm


    Course description:

    Thiscourse is designed to provide specialized instruction in the area of reading,writing and literature to students who are eligible for the Rhode IslandAlternate Assessment as determined by the Individualized Education Plan (IEP)Team. The Reading and Writing Alternate Grade Span Expectations are the basisfor the curriculum. The emphasis is on functional skills in the four areas ofliteracy: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Additionally, modifiedliterature is used to introduce the students to the curriculum followed in thegeneral education classes. Specialized instruction is provided by a SpecialEducator in accordance with each student’s IEP goals in reading and writing.Proficiency in all benchmark assignments is required. Placement in this classis determined by the IEP Team.


    Course text(s)/Reading(s):  

    ·        Quarter1: adapted literature “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

    ·        Quarter2:adapted literature “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

    ·        Quarter3:adapted literature “ The Giver” by Lois Lowry

    ·        Quarter4: adapted literature “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare


    Books, Materials & Supplies: Journals andbinders will be provided for each student. Students are expected to bring apencil and homework folder to each class.


    Additional Resources: http://www.ric.edu/sherlockcenter/about.html


    Tentative Course schedule/dailyassignments:





    Writing Prompts Journal with grammar work:

    Your child is given a writing prompts journal based on his/her ability. Students focus on building targeted skills such as reading and writing complete sentences to practice a variety of writing styles.


    Your child will practice language skills such as vocabulary/spelling, phonics, grammar and usage, correct the sentence and reference/informational skills based on his/her ability.




    Class Lesson with skills work:





    Literary or Informational Text (see course texts/reading).


    Your child will learn and practice skills such as phonemic awareness (letter sounds), phonics (blending and rhyming words), comprehension (recalling story details, conclusion, sequencing, categorizing, following directions), vocabulary, fluency, grammar (plurals), etc.


    Lessons based on each child’s individual goals and needs.



    Quarter Goals
    : (AAGSE’s addressed)


    The standards can be found at




    Standard: Early Reading Strategies (ER 10)

    Standard: Word Identification Skills and Strategies(WID 1)

    Standard: Vocabulary Strategies and Breadth ofVocabulary (V 2, V 3)

    Standard: Initial Understanding and Analysis andInterpretation of Literary Texts
    LT 4, LT 5, LT 6)

    Standard: Initial Understanding, Analysis, andInterpretation of Informational Text
    (IT 7, IT 8) 


    Standard:Structures of Language (SL 1)

    Standard:Writing in Response to Literary or Informational Text (LT 2, LT 3)

    Standard:Narrative Writing – Creating a Story Line and Applying Narrative Strategies (N4)

    Standard:Informational Writing (IW 6, IW 7, IW 8)

    Standard:Writing Conventions – Applying Rules of Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics



    ·        Homework–10%

    ·        WritingPrompts Journal- 10%

    ·        EdmarkWork -20 %

    ·        Classwork-20 %

    ·        Quizzes-20%

    ·        Test– 20%

    ***Benchmark(worth 2 test grades)- adherence to criteria, rubric assessed.  

    o  Quarter1 benchmark: Due no later than November 7, 2013

    o  Quarter2 benchmark:  Due no later than January28, 2014

    o  Quarter3 benchmark: Due no later than April 9, 2014

    o  Quarter4 benchmark: Due no later than June 20, 2014

    Homework:   Homework is not an optional assignment; therefore it isexpected to be   done. Each week, yourchild will be given a folder which contains their English Language Artshomework. Please have your son/daughter work on this homework each night.Please have your child keep this homework folder in their backpack so I cancheck it periodically. Every Friday, new materials will be added and sent homeon Monday. 


    Make-Up Work: Studentsare expected to make up all missed work upon return from an excused absence.Unexcused absences will result in a zero for any missed assignments.


    ExtraHelp:  I will make myself available for extra helpby appointment. Also, the Newport Community School has Programmingbeginning early September in a designated space for academic lab/homework help. Therewill be teachers available in Math, Science and English.


    Bysigning below, you acknowledge that you have read the InterdisciplinaryLanguage Arts Course Syllabus for the 2013-2014  school year and are willing to comply with therequirements of this course.

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