• Rogers High School


    Academic Year – 2013-2014




    DESCRIPTION:  This class is designed to support the studentwith an Individualized Education Plan and is aligned to his/her specific IEPgoals.  Progress monitoring and academicsupport are key components to this course.


    OBJECTIVES:  The student will be able to:

    ·        recognize appropriate academic strategies andskills

    ·        apply the appropriate strategies and skills to allgeneral education content areas

    ·        work with his/her resource teacher to assure theIEP goals are met and that utilized accommodations and modifications areeffective.



    ·        Students are expected to bring assignments from theiracademic classes. 

    ·        Class participation, attendance, and cooperationare necessary for success.

    ·        Students are expected to be prepared for class byarriving with agenda book, writing utensils, and materials needed forassignments.


    GRADING POLICY:  Students receive a daily grade based on arubric and will receive a Pass or Fail grade quarterly.


    CLASSROOM RULES: All RHS policiesand rules and teacher specified rules will apply in the Resource classroom. Pleasesee RHS Agenda Book. Classroom rules and student expectations will be posted.


    TIME AVAILABLE FOR CONFERENCES, TUTORING: Specific times and locations may be obtained from the individualteacher.  Students and parents arewelcome to email the teacher or contact the guidance office at 401-847-6235. Email is the best way to contact me.


    EXTRA HELP:  I will make myself available for extra helpby appointment. Also, the Newport Community School has Programming beginning earlySeptember until the end of the school year in a designated space within Rogers foracademic lab/homework help. There will be teachers availablein Math, Science and English.


    Thank You!

    Mrs. Hackley