COURSE TITLE:  Essentials of Computer Technology


    DEPARTMENT:  Business Education                                                           TEACHER:  Mrs. Johnson



    OBJECTIVE:  The purpose of this half-credit course is to provide technology education to high school students.  It is a benchmark course intended to help prepare students for their senior projects which are a graduation requirement at Rogers High School.  Students in this course will become proficient users of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and as such, will meet the Rogers High School graduation requirement for technology while giving students the necessary skills needed to successfully complete their senior projects.  Students will use the internet to do research, they will learn how to present their findings in a professionally formatted Word document using MLA format and in a PowerPoint presentation which they will present orally to the class.


    STUDENT REQUIREMENTS:  Using Microsoft Office Software, students will apply research skills and will write clearly and concisely.  Students will also demonstrate their creativity when generating a presentation in PowerPoint and they will practice their oral presentation skills as they deliver their topic to the class. Students will integrate their knowledge in the area of mathematics as they learn the various formulas used in Excel. 


    BOOKS, MATERIALS, SUPPLIES:  Textbooks are provided in the classroom and are intended to stay in the room.  Should a student fall behind, he or she may request that a copy of a chapter in the book be made for home use.  Student should provide a folder to keep all work in progress in until it is placed into class collection portfolio.  All other supplies necessary are available in the classroom.




    Tests/Quizzes:                                      50%

    Class work:                                           50%


    HOMEWORK:  Generally speaking, very little homework is given in this course.  Occasionally, a student who falls behind due to class absences may be able to do some work at home if they own a computer and the necessary Microsoft Office software.  Otherwise, students may stay after school to make up owed assignments.  No assumption is made that every student has a computer at home.


    BENCHMARKS:  There are four benchmark assignments in this class.  Each of these assignments will count as a test grade when it is assigned.  Then, at the end of the school year, the average of these assignments will be used as an end-of-course assessment and will count as 10% of the grade for the year.  The final assessment will include the collection portfolio, the newsletter, the PowerPoint project with oral presentation the stock market project and the final exam.


    MAKE-UP WORK:  Students are expected and required to make up all work missed due to absences.  The teacher is available most days after school.  Missed work, which is not made up, will count as a zero.


    MANDATORY MAKE-UP:  Students who have a class average less than 70%, or who are missing or failing a benchmark assignment, will be assigned a mandatory make-up period after school.  Students who fail to appear for the make-up period will be reported to the dean’s office and given a dean’s detention.


    CLASSROOM RULES:  The basic rule of the classroom is mutual respect and the maintenance of a scholarly environment.


    TIMES AVAILABLE FOR CONFERENCES, TUTORING, EXTRA HELP:  Before school by appointment.  Most days after school unless teacher has prior obligation or a faculty meeting.