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    COURSE TITLE: Earth Science


    TEACHER: Mr. Brayman


    DEPARTMENT: Science


    OBJECTIVE:  To develop and apply the knowledge and skills essential to scientific literacy. To demonstrate proficiency in all applicable Earth and Space Science Grade Span Expectations.


    BOOKS, MATERIALS & SUPPLIES: Students will need to purchase a three-ring binder and loose leaf paper. Textbook: Earth Science




    Periodic tests will be given on major units. These tests will be announced in class. School policy requires students to take an active role in making up assignments immediately upon return to class after an absence. Frequent quizzes, both announced and unannounced will be given. Generally, the student will be required to take the test or quiz on the day of return.


    Benchmark Assessments

    Four benchmark assessments will be given throughout the year.

    ·         Adopt a planet

    ·         Constellation Children’s Book

    ·         Mid term exam

    ·         Final Exam

    These benchmarks must be revised until a student is considered proficient with the content so that they can receive credit for the course. Students who have not achieved proficiency by the end of the marking quarter will receive an Incomplete for the quarter and furthermore, an F for the quarter if the benchmark is not proficient within two weeks of report cards.



              Students are required to maintain a neat, accurate binder. Binders will be checked at least once or twice a quarter.


    GRADING POLICY: Grades will reflect the following approximate percents:


    Tests, Projects, Quizzes &Binders -   50 percent  

                     Homework & Classwork - 50 percent


                                       Final exam -   10 percent of final grade






    CLASSROOM RULES: All applicable RHS rules and teacher-specified rules will apply.


    TIME AVAILABLE FOR CONFERENCES, TUTORING, EXTRA HELP & MAKE-UP WORK: Teachers are available Monday-Thursday 2-4 pm through the Newport Community School. Teachers also may be available during planning period, before or after school by appointment.



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