• Info and Announcements
    This school year 2021-22 TMS Band class meets as follows:
    Advanced Band:
    Tuesday and Thursday during Warrior Time (8:00-8:35)
    Beginner Band:
    Wednesday and Friday during Warrior Time (8:00-8:35)
    Required Materials for each class: Instrument, Music, and Pencil
    Instrument Rental Info: Students need to rent or own their own instrument. TMS uses Robert's Music for its rental program. Visit www.robertsmusicri.com for more information or you may contact them at 401-823-5459.
    TMS beginner and advanced bands are graded classes. Student work is graded as follows:
    40% Daily Power Grade (participation and behavior) 
    30% Concerts and Performances
    30% Playing Tests
    Performances are mandatory. A note or email from the parent/gardian is required for an excused absence. Excused absences may complete a missed performance makeup assignment.
    Students are expected to practice daily to be prepared for class rehearsals, playing tests and all performances. Students will have routine playing tests to assess their abilities. 
    Performance attire is required for performances as follows:
    Concert Attire: Black Pants, White Shirt and Black Shoes
    Marching Band Attire: TMS Marching Band Uniforms w/beret (issued in January) and Black Shoes
    TMS Music Attire: Red TMS Music T-shirt
    Thanks for being a part of the TMS Band. I am looking forward to another great year of music.
    Go TMS Band!!
    Don Chilton
    TMS Band Director