• Mathematics

    There are two important areas of focus:

    Ø  learning numbers and what numbers represent

    Ø  addition and subtraction.


    Expand Mathematical Thinking Through Exploration
    Ø  Number Sense- comparing and order

    Ø  Geometry

    Ø  Sorting, Classifying, Counting and Data

    Ø  Shapes

    Ø  Hands-on Exploration- Math Centers

    Ø  Integrating literacy which reinforce  math concepts


    English and Language Arts
    Ø  Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing

    Ø   Name what they are writing about and supply some information about the topic.

    Ø  Naming and writing upper- and lowercase letters

    Ø  Matching letters to sounds and using other methods to figure out unfamiliar words when reading and writing

    Ø  Learning and using new words

    Ø  Identifying words that rhyme

    Ø  Reading common words such as the, of, you, are, she, and my


    Social Studies
    Ø  All About ME

    Ø  What do we see in a neighborhood?

    Ø  Who are our Community Helpers?

    Ø  Ireland

    Ø  Holidays



    KITES Kits - Observation, Questioning, Experimentation, Recording in Class Journal, Fun!

    Ø  Life Science

    “Animals 2x2”

    Ø  Physical Science

    Ø “Marbles, Tracks, and Ramp”