All Juniors are required to participate in National History Day in their US History Classes as a graduation requirement!

     U.S. History Research paper Due dates
    Leadership and Legacy 2015 
    Friday,  September 26   Topic selection, keywords & paragraph worksheet due.

                       THEME: Leadership and Legacy in History



    Friday, October 10      Thesis statement and rough outline worksheet due           



    Friday, November 14 Typed MLA Research Paper and WORKS CITED PAGE rough draft due                                                         



    Friday, December 5, Final typed copy of research paper due and ...WORKS CITED PAGE (MLA)      due



    This is a US History Assessment that is required of all students in

    US History.




    Due dates for the National History Day projects will be given out later in the second quarter….


    National History Day at RHS is Thursday, February 5, 2015!!!





    Research Paper/National History Day basic information

    for parents, students and teachers


    Each student will select a topic suitable for a research paper. The theme for National History Day 2015 is “Leadership and Legacy in History”. The 2nd quarter research paper will become the basis for a National History Day entry in the 3rd quarter.   At this point, every student’s attention should be focused on his or her own research paper. Writing a research paper is the 2nd quarter assessment for all RHS US History students.


    Research paper requirements ( 1st and 2nd Quarter: 2014) Due Dates:

    Topic Selection Worksheet: Friday, September 26, 2014

    Thesis Statement and Rough Outline: Friday, October 10, 2014

    Typed rough draft & Works Cited page: Friday, November 14, 2014

     Typed final copy & Works Cited page: Friday, December 5, 2014


    After students select a topic, they will begin research by taking notes. When students have enough background information, they will write thesis statements. These thesis statements will focus their research on specific points. Students will be expected to write an introduction for the paper and topic sentences for each paragraph. They will use transition words to move from idea to idea in their papers and to show cause and effect. Two direct quotes from their sources must be included. Students also will write a conclusion to sum up their research.


    Documentation and Works Cited : Students MUST use parenthetical documentation any time anyone else’s words OR ideas are used. Failure to document is plagiarism, and the student will receive a 0 for a grade on the paper. Students must use and cite at least 5 sources in a Works Cited page. Two must be print sources, such as books or magazines. The other sources can be interviews, legitimate Internet sources, or additional print sources. MLA format is to be used, and the papers will be graded using the Rogers school-wide research paper rubric. The rough draft and final copy must be typed. Typing is part of the homework. Students who have a computer at home are expected to type the paper on their own time at home. Students without access to a computer at home should stay after school to use the available school computers.



    National History Day competition: Thursday, February 5, 2015 (3rd quarter)

    Students will receive more information on History Day as the quarter progresses. Check this web site for details: http://www.nationalhistoryday.org

    The winners of the Rogers History Day Fair will advance to the State Fair, and hopefully to the National History Day Fair in Washington DC.


    Students may enter these categories:

    1. Individual dramatic performance

    2. Group dramatic performance (2—3 people)

    3. Individual historical exhibit

    4. Group historical exhibit (2—3 people)

    5. Individual documentary (media)

    6. Group documentary (media) (2—3 people)

    7. Individual Website

    8. Group Website (2-3 people)


    During the third quarter, students will be expected to find additional primary and secondary sources. Students will also write an annotated bibliography and a process paper.


    Students who choose to compete as a group should be aware of the amount of commitment necessary to be successful. Both labor and expenses incurred should be shared equally among all members of the group.