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    COURSE PROFILE 2014-2015 coleenhermes@npsri.net         

    DEPARTMENT: Social Studies   TEACHER: Mrs. Hermes Room 134

    COURSE TITLE: United States History 2

    OBJECTIVES: Students will have an understanding and an appreciation of United States history from 1877 (Reconstruction) to the present, and will be able to link historical background to current events in the United States. Common Core State Standards for ELA & Literacy in History/Social Studies will also be addressed. 

    STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: Students are required to come to class ON TIME each day with their textbook, a writing utensil and a notebook. Students are required to be attentive and respectful to the teacher and to each other. All work is kept in a folder and all class notes are kept in a notebook.

    BOOKS, MATERIALS, SUPPLIES: Text-American Anthem, notebook

        GRADING POLICY: Quarterly grades are based on a      combination of     work, including:

                   Homework/Classwork/participation       25%

             Assignment Sheet Vocabulary lists/Essays    20%

                       Quizzes   25%

                        Tests 30%

    HOMEWORK: Students are required to read a section of text each night. In conjunction with the reading there are historical terms and vocabulary words that must be explained and turned in at the end of each chapter. Written assignments, current events, and question sheets will also be required. Special projects (term papers, oral presentations, posters) will be assigned throughout the year. Students are required to participate in the RHS National History Day program.

    MAKEUP WORK: All work must be made up after the student, with an excused absence, returns to school. Students have 1 day to make up work for every 1 day absent. It is the student’s responsibility to determine what assignments were missed. If a student is found to have cut the class, a grade of zero will be given for that day’s work- this includes any tests, quizzes, projects that were due that day. 

    CLASSROOM RULES: Be responsible, Be respectful, Be safe....

            Students must be on time, and prepared for class.

            Students may not eat or drink in class.

            Students have limited use of the pass.

    Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed.    

    Work must be turned in when it is due. No plagiarism!