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                                                                                                                        Rogers High School

    School Year 2014-2015


    Department: Social Studies                                                                                             Course: United States History 2


    Teacher: Mrs. Angela Johnson

                          Rooms 223/136                                                                                           Email: angelajohnson@npsri.net


    Course Description: The focus of this course will be the exploration of key events in US History, of both historical and global significance, from 1877 (Reconstruction) to the present. Students will be able to identify common themes in US History and link them to today’s historical events. Common Core State Standards for ELA and Literacy in History/Social Studies will also be addressed.


    Student Requirements/Expectations: Students are expected to arrive to class, on time, prepared and ready to learn. A prepared student has their textbook, notebook, agenda and a writing utensil. Students are also required to maintain their in-class portfolio.

    Students are also required to adhere to the Rogers High School’s policies concerning attendance, responsibility and respect as outlined in the 2014-2015 Student Agenda (p. 6-25).


    Books, Materials, Supplies: Textbook: American Anthem, notebook, agenda


    Grading Policy:

    ·         Homework/Classwork/Participation                25%

    ·         Writing Assignments/Vocabulary                     20%

    ·         Quizzes                                                         25%

    ·         Tests                                                            30%


    Make-up work: Students are responsible for determining what classroom/homework assignments were missed. Students have one (1) day to make up work for every one (1) day of excused absence. If the student is unexcused from the class, the student will receive a zero for that assignment. An unexcused absence will also result with a grade of zero on any tests, quizzes or projects that were due that day.


    Homework: Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis. Students will be required to use not only our textbook, but other sources as well. Written assignments, current events and other work will be assessed daily. Any work that is missed will be in the classroom’s master portfolio for students to collect. Students in US History 2 are required to participate in the RHS US History Day Project.


    Classroom Expectations:

    ·         Students are to arrive to class on time and prepared.

    ·         Students are to acknowledge the rules, regulations and philosophies of the Newport Public Schools and Rogers High School as outlined in your 2014-2015 Student Agenda.

    ·         Students are to respect themselves and others around them. Please do not disrupt others from learning.

    ·         Cell phones & ipods are not allowed in the classroom.

    ·         Food or drink (besides water) is not allowed in the classroom.

    ·         Students will have limited use of the hall pass.


    Teacher Availability: I will be available, afterschool, in room 223 or in the RHS library. Students and guardians are encouraged to contact me at RHS or email: angelajohnson@npsri.net.



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