• The Rogers High School Student-Athlete Boosters Club is an organization dedicated to supporting student athletes and teams at Rogers High School.  Our monthly meetings are typically the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in room 606 (gym entrance).  Please try and attend, all are welcome!!! 

    We sponsor the Senior Sports Awards banquet and provide various funding for Rogers sports that the school's budget is unable to provide.  We also award six scholarships to our senior athletes.

    Rogers Sports Season Pass cards (a.k.a. Viking Cards) are sold with 100% of the proceeds benefitting all Rogers’ athletes.  The card allows admission to all Rogers’ home football and basketball games (not Injury Fund, hockey or playoff games).  The cards can be purchased at the gate during any home game.  Please consider being a member of the Rogers High School Student-Athlete Boosters Club.

    Email RogersBoostersNPT@yahoo.com to get involved. Your child needs you!
  • Dear Rogers Athletic Booster:

    Please consider signing up for the upcoming Pell Bridge Run. It is being held Oct 22 at 7:00 am.  By doing so you can help raise money for the RHS Booster’s Club. Proceeds from this race have been donated to our boosters club for the past few years and it’s now time for us to help spread the word and sign people up for the run so we can continue to be a recipient of their donations. Here’s how we all can help:

     1: If you haven’t signed up for the race yet, visit https://2017pellbridgerun.eventbrite.com to register. If you’ve already registered go straight to #4.

     2: On the Eventbrite page, select “tickets”. Then select ‘team’ and enter ‘RHS Boosters’ as your team name.

     3:  Complete the registration  with your personal information, sign the waiver and pay for the race.

     4:  At this point you will be redirected to https://www.crowdrise.com/citizensbankpellbridgerun2017 where you can set up your public fundraising page if you’d like. This is a great way to spread the word further amongst your own friends who may not be on the Boosters email distribution list. From here, click “set up your fundraiser” and then “join a team”.

     5:  Search for ‘RHS Boosters’ as your team, select it and then “join the team”. You will then be guided through the steps to set up your personal fundraising page, which will hopefully help contribute to the overall Boosters team as well.

     6:  Once you have finished setting up your page, Crowdrise will provide a unique link which you can share with friends and family via email or Facebook or other social media outlets to help gain additional support. Friends and family who participate don’t necessarily have to sign up for the run. They can just donate straight to the event under our name. Good luck and thanks for helping. This could potentially be a great fundraising effort for the Booster’s club. Thanks!!