• Reading Class 6

    What is Expected of YOU and ME?

    BE RESPECTFUL . . . to yourself, to others, and to the school environment.
    BE RELIABLE . . . be prepared and on time for class.  Be ready to LEARN.
    BE RESPONSIBLE . . . for your actions, your possessions, and your education. 
    What Are Our Goals?
    To learn and practice good reading habits
    To learn and practice reading comprehension strategies to be used with a variety of texts
    To practice working collaboratively and independently to complete assignments 
    To develop an APPRECIATION for reading 
    What Materials Will We Use?
    Non-fiction and fiction articles from the Scholastic READ 180 Program
    A variety of other materials (non-fiction articles, short stories, magazines, etc.)
    How Do I Get Graded?
    There are 10 weeks in a term and you have reading twice a week (20 times per term)
    Each class you will have an assignment worth 5 points (total of 10 points per week)
    All scores will be recorded on the Term Task Sheet (kept in your classroom folder)
    Add up all of your scores to get your grade.
    What Do I Need EVERYDAY for Reading Class?
    Pencil / Pen
    Independent Reading Book
    Classroom Folder (remains in the classroom)