• March 23, 2020

    Ms Pamela Hill

    Pell Elementary School

     Dear Students and Families,

     I hope you are well during this unprecedented event and its impact on our school year. First and foremost, take care of yourselves, friends and families.

    This is the first communication from me to you as a teacher that works with your child on a regular basis at school.  I am available to support you as we work with distance learning until schools reopen.

    Your child has received work assignments from their regular classroom teacher.  It is my understanding that hard copy packets with 2 weeks of work were sent home with all students, K-4 on Friday, March 13, 2020. There are some classes that teachers have also set up Google Classrooms. Your child’s classroom teacher will explain more about this if they haven’t already. I have been added to those Google classrooms as a supporting teacher.

     For students who also work with me during the school week, they should prioritize the regular classwork assigned by their classroom teacher.  If there are areas in the regular classroom work that are unclear, too difficult or you feel unable to support them with, please let me know.  I will also be in communication with teachers and administration throughout this situation. We will work together to modify the regular classroom expectations and/or assign alternative activities, if needed  to ensure all students meet the school closure work expectations. 

    I will also be including alternative activities, that you may substitute if needed based on the subject areas and times given below (this will be sent individually due to confidentiality;

    (Student name) receives support from me weekly in;

    •  Subject area, service time
    • Subject area, service time

     This is the first of many, likely daily interactions we will have over the course of this remote learning experience.  Please don’t hesitate to email me for anything I can support you with. My plan as of now is to check my email at least twice per day, morning and afternoon and will respond by afternoon for morning emails and the next morning for afternoon emails or sooner.  We can make arrangements for best times based on individual needs.

     Be well, stay healthy and I hope to see you soon.

    Ms. Pamela Hill

Last Modified on March 23, 2020