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    Department Wide Expectations


    Independent Reading (two pieces of book evidence are due per quarter)

    Deadlines To Be Determined


    Grading Policy:

    15% - Quizzes and Class Participation

    25% - Homework and Classwork

    25% - Projects

    35% - Performance Based Assessments


    Materials needed: A folder provided in class, and blue or black pen and pencil.


    Attendance: If you have an excused absence you will be expected to make up the work; time granted for all work will coincide with the number of days absent. Appropriate consideration will be made. It is your responsibility to make up all missed work; please do not interrupt class to ask about missed work.

    Note: Requests for class work during an extended period of absence must go through the Counseling Department.


    Homework – All homework must be complete and handed in when prompted on the day it is due. Late homework will not be accepted. The only exception is for excused absences due to illness. Refer to the RHS Homework Policy in the student handbook for full details.


    Writing Assignments and Projects – All writing assignments are to be completed in MLA format with a proper heading, page numbers, citations when necessary, and typed using Times New Roman, 12pt font. 


    Revisions – All major writing assignments, essays, and research papers that require revisions must be made within one week after being returned to the student.


    Make-up Work – It is your responsibility to find out about missed assignments from a study partner. Make-up work will not be discussed during class time.



    * If at any point during the school year, you have questions about your grade, you must see me before or after school. Grades will not be discussed during class time.



    Please click the following link to view the department wide expectations as a PDF!