• Rogers High School


    Academic Year – 2013-2014

    William Kimes (williamkimes@newportrischools.org)

    DESCRIPTION:  This class is designed to support the student with an Individualized Education Plan and is aligned to his/her specific IEP goals.  Progress monitoring and academic support are key components to this course.

    OBJECTIVES:  The student will be able to:

    ·     recognize appropriate academic strategies and skills

    ·     apply the appropriate strategies and skills to all general education content areas

    ·     work with his/her resource teacher to assure the IEP goals are met and that utilized accommodations and modifications are effective.


    ·     Students are expected to bring assignments from their academic classes. 

    ·     Class participation, attendance, and cooperation are necessary for success.

    ·     Students are expected to be prepared for class by arriving with agenda book, writing utensils, and materials needed for assignments.

    GRADING POLICY:  Students receive a daily grade based on a rubric and will receive a Pass or Fail grade quarterly.

    CLASSROOM RULES: All applicable RHS rules and teacher specified rules will apply. Students will not be given passes during class unless there is an emergency.

    TIME AVAILABLE FOR CONFERENCES, TUTORING, EXTRA HELP: Specific times and locations may be obtained from the individual teacher.  Students and parents are welcome to email the teacher or contact the guidance office at 401-847-6235.