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    Hi! My name is Sue Moore and I am happy to be teaching the great 4th grade students at Pell School. Although I wasn't born in Newport, I was lucky enough to grow up here. I attended Newport Public Schools as did my three daughters. I never intended on becoming a teacher but after volunteering in my daughters' classes I was inspired to go back to school and get my teacher certification. I began my career as a kindergarten teacher and luckily I was promoted to 4th grade after a few years. I love teaching 4th graders! They always ask great questions! I learn something new every day!
    I live in Newport with my husband and our dog, Olive. My oldest daughter, Gina lives in Tampa, Florida . My middle daughter, Rachel lives on Nantucket Island. My youngest daughter, Bridget and her husband, Derek live in Connecticut and have made me the proud Memere to two beautiful little girls, Lillian and Mabel. I love to travel with Mr. Moore. I have dragged him all over to discover more about the rocks and minerals and history of our country. He is a good sport about it. I love teaching science and social studies of 4th grade. I get to teach and learn about my favorite historical person, Ben Franklin.
    I am so excited to work with all my great families at Pell! I hope to meet you all very soon! 
    susanmoore@npsri.net                842-1900