• Science Rules!
    Hello to all Students, Parents & Guardians!
    I am the Academy of Information Technology Instructor in the Newport Area Career and Tech Center. I teach courses in basic computer science covering everything from tech equipment to programming to internet ethics. I am a lover of  all sciences natural and physical, and I love learning about everything. I have enjoyed teaching many sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Anatomy & Physiology) and Computer Science is where many of the career options are expanding for our graduates. 
    A 21st century skill set includes a foundation in computing and data science which is provided through the AOIT program.
    If you want to hear from some of the students in our program watch the video with the link below:
    For me, everyday is a great learning experience as long as you are open to it!
    Academy of Information Technology Student Interviews
    Mrs. Letourneau
    AOIT Instructor
    Science Teacher
    Rogers High School