• Personalization

    The Board of Regents in concert with RIDE as part of their mandate for restructuring high schools determined that schools must provide evidence that personalized learning environments are present in the school.

    Section reference of the new regulations 6.1 and 6.3, delineate the plan to implement student advisories. Strategies for this plan must be implemented no later than January 2005.

    6.3 Advisory Structure:

    All schools shall provide a structure by which every student is assigned a responsible adult who is knowledgeable about that student and tracks his/her progress. The Commissioner will continue to ensure compliance with these regulations.

    Rogers High School provides evidence of a personalized learning environment that ensures all students receive individualized support toward development in their academic, career, and personal/social domains and in civic responsibility. Therefore the Newport School District shows evidence of the following:

    • Addresses the social and emotional needs of adolescents through school wide practices. This includes the establishment of specific advisories.

    • Assignment for each student a responsible adult (in addition to their school counselor) who is knowledgeable about that student and tracks his/her progress

    • Development of Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) by Guidance Counselors, that address strategies for planning, monitoring, and responding to students academic, career and personal/social needs in advisory, classroom settings and individualized appointments.

    • The evaluation of the effectiveness of Roger’s personalization strategies and programs is to use data from SALT surveys and Rogers own surveys; anecdotal evidence and make appropriate changes after the analysis of data.

    Personalization Structure and Purpose:

    RIDE Mandate:

    In adherence to the regulations approved by the Rhode Island Board of Regents for the restructuring of high schools (#6.1 and #6.3 requirements for personalized learning environments) and to improve school culture and climate, Rogers High School has implemented an Advisory Program. The Advisory Program established a time period embedded within the daily (weekly) schedule for students to meet with their assigned Advisory (Teacher).

    Advisory focus at Rogers High School:

    The main focus of the Advisory Program at Rogers High School is personalization for all students. Research has shown student achievement is enhanced when students make a personal connection to his or her school. Through the daily advisory periods, students meet with their advisory teacher, school counselors and specialists who visit the advisories to assist students in career, academic and personal/social domains. The advisor helps the student by providing support, which enhances a more caring school culture and builds a high-quality school community that enrich the lives of everyone involved.


    Monday, Thursday, Friday 9:07 a.m. to 9:19 a.m.

    Tuesday, Wednesday 9:03 a.m. to 9:26 a.m.


    Advisories are organized and assigned by administration. Groups are assigned by grade and every effort is made to assign students in small numbers whenever possible. Ideally, an advisory should follow a group of students from grade nine through twelve. Every effort is made to achieve this goal but reassignments occur when retirements, resignations, and or other factors require regrouping.


    The objective of Advisory is for students to connect and know an adult in a small group setting. Time is set aside daily for the Advisory to meet their assigned students. Recognizing that personal relationships vary, advisors meet with their students and determine appropriate dialogue within their own advisory setting. Advisors have been provided with grade specific handbooks of suggested activities to use with students at their own discretion.


    Counselors establish a calendar that outlines the times that they will visit advisories throughout the year. Guidance counselors visit classrooms as part of their delivery system program based on the American School Counselor Association and Rhode Island School Counselors Association protocols. Grade specific handbooks were developed by the guidance department. Counselors use the handbooks in advisories to assure all students receive information about career, academic and personal/social . Follow-up individual appointments can be made by students to see their counselor.

    School Specialists:

    School specialists visit advisories periodically to work with students on specific areas assigned by Rogers High School’s administration. School specialists visit all advisories during the school year to provide students with resources and/or information. For example, school specialists work with students on topics such as graduation by proficiency requirements (Senior Project, History Day etc.), career awareness, communication skills, and stress managements.