• The Rhode Island High School Diploma System

    The Rationale: Schools must be sure that all students successfully complete a rigorous diploma program that gives them access to college or post-secondary training, whether immediately after high school or when and if they so choose.

    Rogers High School, in compliance with state regulations, has determined that it will use the following as evidence of proficiency for graduation, beginning with the class of 2008:

    • End of Course Exams
    • Senior Exhibition Project
    • 24 Credits
    End-of-Course Exams
    Students need valid and reliable end-of-course examinations to demonstrate that they have learned course content and are able to apply that content in meaningful ways. End-of Course examinations must include at least 50% of performance tasks (Ex: musical recital, Spanish oral presentation, mathematical scale models) and may include other objective questions (Ex: true/false, fill in the blanks, and multiple choice).

    Criteria should include assessments that are:
    • clearly connected to standards and expectations of the course discipline (scoring rubric)
    • written clearly without language or content that would disadvantage students for cultural/ethnic reasons (without bias)
    • at an appropriate level of difficulty
    • composed of collectively developed tasks
    Senior Exhibition Project

    Senior Project is a culmination of the acquisition of knowledge and skills students have gained over the course of their high school experience. Students gain self-confidence, become more focused on their future, and are prepared for their post-secondary life.

    Successful completion of Senior Exhibition Project demonstrates proficiency by evidence of:
    • Research Paper
    • Portfolio
    • Product
    • Oral Presentation

    Acquired Skills

    Researching, Comprehending, Writing, Interviewing, Analyzing, Oral Written Communication, Demonstrating

    Career Skills

    Time Management, Organization, Discipline, Problem Solving, Communication Skills, Responsibility, Application, Completion of a Complex Task


    Studies have shown that students that participated in Senior Project programs are more focused, motivated, prepared, and more likely to be offered scholarships or jobs related to their product.
    24 Credits