• Hello and welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.
    I have several links to my page and I hope to keep them up to date.  Math Class is where I will upload notes and other information that gets handed out to my classes using the Common Core as the framework for the curriculum.  It will be arranged by Units, and if you click on a specific unit, you will find the documents that go along with each topic.  The district just purchased a new textbook last year and I was out for about 6 weeks, so it will take me some time to update the units to reflect what we are using this year.  I think the first 3 Units are up from last year, but I probably need to update them.  I will do my best to update as we move through the year.
    I have a separate link for my Algebra class, but it works the same way.
    Helpful resources has several links to websites that the students (and you) can use during this school year.
    Lastly, I will be using Google Classroom again this year to post the daily homework assignments.  I will also post any upcoming quizzes and tests in each section's "classroom".  There isn't a way for me to add parents/guardians, so you will have to check with your student if you want to see their Google Classroom.  Every student will be invited once classes are created, so they should have access to it.
    If you have any questions for me you can send a note in with your student or email me at jbuffman@npsri.net. We have a new phone system, but apparently it works the same as it did in the past.  (401) 847-1493, extension 2304.  During the school day I'm not sure if you can dial straight to the classroom, but I know you can leave a message whether you're transferred or dial the extension directly.