• Students enrolled in the General or the College Preparatory Course of Studies are encouraged and will always have access and opportunity to move to a more challenging and rigorous program.


    Students who desire to pursue the General Course of Studies should refer to the following outline as a guide in their selection of courses:
    Grade 9

    English Standards 9 (2 credits)
    Physical Science
    US History 1
    Fundamentals of Adv. Math 1 (2 credits)
    Essentials of Technology
    Physical Education/Health 9
    Grade 10

    English Standards 10 (1 credit)
    General Biology
    Social Studies Elective
    Fundamentals of Adv. Math 2 (1 credit)
    or Applied Geometry
    Fine/Performing Arts Elective
    Physical Education/Health 10
    Grade 11

    English Standards 11
    General Chemistry or Physics
    US History
    Algebra 2
    Physical Education/Health 11
    Electives (2.5 credits)
    Grade 12

    English Standards 12
    Science Electives
    Social Studies Electives
    Senior Math Experience or
    Consumer Mathematics
    Physical Education/Health 12
    Senior Exhibition
    Electives (2.5 credits)