•   Welcome to 4th Grade!
    Dear Fourth Grade Families,

    Welcome back to school and welcome to fourth grade! I want to make school and exciting experience for your child, one that he/she will look forward to every day. I plan to use programs and strategies that will enrich your child’s life and motivate him/her to want to come to school to learn. Not only will your child be assigned to me as their homeroom teacher, they will also work with other teachers, student teachers and volunteers throughout the day. This program allows for your child to have more instructional time with a teacher and will be a great benefit to their academics.

           Throughout the school year, we will use a behavior chart to maintain an orderly and safe learning environment. Although our classroom will have a flexible learning atmosphere, we will utilize this chart to ensure the best learning environment for your child. The chart consists of four colored cards that represent specific school-wide consequences: Green= STAR behavior J (no problems), Yellow= Five minute break/time out in the classroom, Orange= 10 minute break/time out in another classroom, and Red= Sent to the office. Your child will receive a verbal warning prior to a card change, unless the offense falls under the zero tolerance category. This system gives your child many chances to change any unacceptable behavior and allows us to reinforce positive behavior in a more effective manner.

             I want your child to do well in school. Also, I want your child to do his/her best when it comes to homework. Your child will be given a Student Planner and an orange Homework Folder. These items must be brought to and from school daily in your child’s backpack to assist in the organization of all their work. Your child must get a parent/guardian signature next to each homework assignment in their Student Planner every night, after an adult has checked the completed work. My goal is to create a sense or responsibility in each student so that he/she performs to the best of his/her ability. Also, The Student Planner will be a way for us to communicate daily, as I will also check and sign the planner at the end of the day. 

           Throughout this month you will receive many different forms to fill out in regards to your child. Each form is important and must be returned to school in a timely manner. I will reward your child for bringing in all completed forms. I have also attached a list of supplies that your child will need to be successful this year, along with a few suggested items for the classroom. I am looking forward to a fabulous year working with both you and your child!


    Mrs. Palmucci