Welcome to Kindergarten Registration!


    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our registration procedures have changed. Beginning March 25, 2020, all registrations, including K registration, will be completed by appointment only. The registration process will be done in compliance with the Governor's Executive Orders observing social distancing so a person will help you over the phone or online with the registration. Please contact Jamie Meeks at jamiemeeks@npsri.net or 401-829-5764 to determine how we can work together to complete registration. For assistance in Spanish, please contact Ana Gomes at anagomes@npsri.net or 401-741-2210.



    Debido a la pandemia de COVID-19, nuestros procedimientos de registro han cambiado. A partir del 25 de marzo de 2020, todos los registros, incluido el registro por Kinder, se completarán solo con cita previa. El proceso de registro se realizará de conformidad con las órdenes ejecutivas del gobernador observando el distanciamiento social para que una persona lo ayude por teléfono o en línea con el registro. Póngase en contacto con Jamie Meeks en jamiemeeks@npsri.net o 401-829-5764 para determinar cómo podemos trabajar juntos para completar el registro. Para obtener ayuda en español, comuníquese con Ana Gomes a anagomes@npsri.net o al 401-741-2210.



    Who Should Register?

    Children living in Newport who are five on or before September 1, 2019
    What is required to Register?

    1.      Original Birth Certificate (usually with a seal), or valid passport

    a.     Children must be five years of age on or before September 1st for Kindergarten.

    2.      Proof of Residency, pick one of the following:

    a.     Current utility bill, not including phone bills.

    b.     Current rental/lease, purchase agreement, or mortgage statement. A rental/lease agreement must include your landlord's name and contact number. Rental/lease and purchase agreements must be followed up at the school with your first gas/electric bill.

    c.     If it is a 'living with' situation, the person you are living with (i.e. family, friend) is required to write a letter to the Newport School Department explaining the living situation, signed and notarized. Proof of residency for the person you are living with is also required, an attendance officer will verify.

    Click here to view RI Chapter 16-64 Residence of Children for School Purposes.

    3.      Immunizations and physical exam records
    a.     Physical exam form is to be filled out by your child's physician.
    b.     Registration cannot be completed without proof of immunizations or an exemption letter.

    4.      Emergency contact information you will need doctor's name, address, and phone number. Also names and phone numbers for emergency contacts.

    5.      Students entering kindergarten will need a child outreach screening. A screening completed in the school year prior to entry into kindergarten is acceptable. Screenings by appointment are available most weekdays and during kindergarten registration held in the spring. Please call Child Outreach at 401-842-1900 Extension 22106 with any questions.

    6.       Please complete the registration packet prior to your visit, click on  Registration Packet to download the packet to your computer. You will need Adobe Reader to complete the forms on your computer. To download Adobe Reader, click here. If you do not have a printer, the unsigned forms can be emailed to registrations@npsri.net. Once you arrive to register, we can print them for your signature.

    Registration for Pre-K through Grade 12 is by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  To schedule an appointment online go to www.npsri.net/registration and click BOOK NOW! at the bottom of the page, or call (401) 619-5562.
    Interpreters will be available at kindergarten registration to assist speakers of Spanish. If you speak a language other that English or Spanish, or require other special accommodations to participate in kindergarten registration, please call Newport Public Schools, Office of Student Services at (401) 847-2100 Extension 1259.