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Mr. Christopher Bowley

Born and raised in Newport, I’m a product of the Newport school system and have currently been teaching in Newport for the past 22 years.  As a father of four boy’s, I am fully aware of the importance of keeping kids physically active with an array of both indoor and outdoor activities that promote lifelong fitness.   In a time in which electronics and technology have become so popular,  our jobs as parents and educators of promoting,  encouraging and balancing physical activity as a part of everyday living has become challenging.  My philosophy has always been to present movement in a fun and exciting way in which the young minds of the students are stimulated through the use of the imagination.  I always encourage students to work to their potential while understanding and accepting that everyone learns at different levels and at a different pace.  An environment is always established where no child should be intimidated by activities in P.E.   My goal has always been to have students view there time in P.E. as one of best parts of their day!  Moving is fun when you are having fun while moving.  Once you establish this mind set, it lays the foundation for a life of physical fitness that benefits a person both physically and mentally.