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Time to Nominate Your Favorite Teacher!



Over the past several years the TOY role has expanded to provide more opportunities for TOYs to share their expertise, form collaborative learning communities with fellow TOYs, and honor their success to inspire other educators.  

As you nominate your TOY, please keep the following TOY 2017-2018 roles and responsibilities in mind:

2017-2018 TOY opportunities include:

  • NEW! Opportunity to act as a liaison between your district and the RI Department of Education, sharing information about state initiatives and providing professional development as a teacher leader for your school, district, and community

  • NEW! Opportunity to attend and/or present at the Teacher to Teacher Conference, Fall 2017

  • NEW! Opportunity to contribute a blog entry to the Commissioner’s weekly Field Memo and the RIDE website

  • Invitation and participation in the Educator Recognition Celebration

  • The opportunity/invitation to join the TOY professional development and leadership training cohort  

  • Guidance from veteran TOYs and opportunity to apply for State Teacher of the Year

  • Opportunity to network with other TOYs through social media (Twitter chats, Facebook groups) led by the current STOY

  • Opportunity to present on area/topic of expertise at local and state workshops and or conferences

Please complete the one page TOY Profile Sheet on the educator who you are nominating to represent Newport as Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year.


TOY Profile sheet are due May 19, 2017.