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"Giving Back" to feed the hungry!

RHS Ceramics students created 33 bowls to donate to the "Empty Bowls" fundraiser.  Rogers High School Art Teacher Hope Chella is very proud of her students artistic efforts to help raise awareness and money for hunger. The next Empty Bowls will be held on Friday, October 13, 2017 at Rhodes On the Pawtuxet. In 2016, Empty Bowls raised more than $88,000 to support the work of the Food Bank.The idea is simple. Enjoy local pottery and food at this casual family-friendly event. Choose a handmade artisanal bowl. Enjoy a diverse selection of tastings from local restaurants. Keep your bowl as a reminder that your support helps fill all the empty bowls in our community. For Empty Bowls to be a success, organizers need 1,000 handmade bowls. That’s a lot of bowls! It's nice to see Vikings doing their part!
Empty Bowls  
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