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Mentors Needed!

Mentors Needed!

Teachers make a Difference in our School and Community

The Boys & Girls Club of Newport County and Mentor Rhode Island are looking for teachers and school personnel because they have the experience, time, and personality suited to serve as Mentors. We are targeting students who show high risk behaviors such as those involved with the Chronic Early Absenteeism and Truancy Reduction Initiative (CEATRI). Mentors provide social and emotional support for their Mentees, helping to develop social competency skills.


Theme of Mentor Meeting

September 21st

Mentor Training

October 19th

Match Day, meet your mentee!

November 16th


December 21st


January 18th National Mentoring Month!           

Sacred Community

February 15th


March 22nd

Team work/ goal setting

April 26th


May 24th

Staying Connected

June 9th

Camp Grosvenor field trip!

Mentors will meet with their Mentee for one hour throughout the week, in the schools, during the school day.  In addition, The Boys & Girls Club of Newport will host a monthly fun activity and Mentor meeting.  Below are the dates and themes of the meetings

Lauren Day (BGC Newport) and Nichole Lewis (MENTOR Rhode Island) will be available at Rogers High School and Thompson Middle School, respectfully for ongoing mentor support. If interested, please contact:

*Compensation*: Mentors will receive $250 per Mentee for a minimum of 12 weeks of Mentoring.  All Mentors must complete a BCI and application with Mentor RI.

Nicole Lewis
(401) 732-7700