10/21 - 10/25

Plans for the week of 10/21 -10/25

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our first full week of rehearsals.

Hopefully everyone has gotten their scripts now and has watched the online version of the show so you know a little about how this show runs and now it is time to start putting our own spin on it. So, we will start with the blocking and we will be tackling each act separately this week so that we can have enough time to really got through everything and not rush what needs to get done. Therefore it is essential that you get to rehearsal this week so that we can be sure to get through this all and not have to waste time in the coming weeks backtracking over and over! Act 1 and all of the folks with speaking parts in that need to show up on Tuesday night 6-8pm and Act 2 and all of the characters in that one need to show up on Thursday night. Please bring pencils and your scripts and we will try to get rolling as close to 6pm as possible so don’t be late.

Message me with any questions or concerns.