Is Your Little One a Role Model?

NPS Application for Peer Models
We are seeking children to serve as peer role models in our preschool classes.  Our
preschool classes have both morning and afternoon sessions, which follow the Newport Public Schools calendar.  Enrollment is open to children of district residents. The district’s preschool program is primarily designed for children with disabilities; however, typically developing children who enjoy a well-rounded, developmentally appropriate preschool class also may enroll to serve as language and role models for the students with disabilities.  Frequently, parents note that peer models also learn important life lessons on acceptance, tolerance, and perseverance from their classmates.  Students attend for a nominal fee.
Newport’s preschool facilitates children’s development in six major areas:  cognition, communication, self-help, motor skills, social skills and emotional development. We provide a  literacy-rich, language-based developmentally appropriate environment. Peer models should be at least 3 years old, toilet trained, and able to demonstrate age-appropriate communication, play, and socialization skills.  Children must pass our district's Child Outreach screening.  If you are interested in enrolling your child as a peer model, you may download an application below.
Please return your completed application to:     
Newport Public Schools
Attn: Early Childhood Coordinator

109 Old Fort Rd.

Newport, RI  02840        

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