TMS Thanksgiving DInner

Hello Parents and Guardians:

We hope that the beginning of your school year is going well!  The TMS Student Council is seeking help.  Each year we hold a Thanksgiving Dinner for about 200 of our students.  In the past we have had the generous support and help of the RHS Culinary program in cooking and carving turkeys and potatoes and donating stuffing and gravy.  Due to a decrease in staffing this year, RHS regretfully could not help us in our endeavors.  We thank Chef Kalble for his many years of amazing help!  We are now desperately seeking volunteers to cook and carve turkeys (which have been donated), and donate stuffing, gravy or potato dishes.  The dinner will be held on November 16th.  This is a tradition that has become something that our students look forward to….In some cases it is the only Thanksgiving dinner that they have to look forward to.  We considered modifying and ordering pizzas instead, but we wanted to reach out to the TMS community first to see if we can pull it off once again!  Please contact one of us if you think you can help.  Thank you so much for your time and consideration! 


 Lindsey Cruff (

Beth Raffa (

Dave Vieira (


Seeking Donations for:

  • Cooking and Carving Turkeys
  • Stuffing
  • Gravy
  • Potato Dishes
  • Paper plates, silverware and napkins