Student Forum Press Release

Please join us for this community event, highlighting the student experience within Rogers and Thompson.

Students of Newport Public Schools Speak Out

A Public Forum Presented by the One Newport NPS Strategic Plan Subcommittee

And Alliance for Livable Newport (ALN)

Listen to our Thompson and Rogers School students talk about their future aspirations and the roles education and the community play in making life choices. Here’s an opportunity to understand the perspectives of Newport’s young people as they navigate technology, social media, classroom traditions, extracurricular activities, family pressures and a rapid change in the labor market.

You have heard from the Newport City Council and the School Committee, and about the Newport Public Schools’ Strategic Plan. Now is the time to hear from our most important educational constituents.

Panelists: Students from Rogers High School and Thompson Middle School

If you could ask them a question what would it be? Now is your opportunity.

Questions may be submitted via email before the forum or in writing the night of the event. You do not have to be present at the forum to have your question chosen.

DATE: Tuesday, May 1st

TIME: 6-7:30 PM

LOCATION: Claiborne Pell Elementary School

35 Dexter Street, Newport, RI.

Ample free parking directly across the street from the school


Isabel Griffith, Co-President

Alliance for a Livable Newport


The One Newport Subcommittee is a group of volunteers who are committed to helping improve the Newport Public Schools. They believe that a superior educational system is critical not only for the children of Newport but also for the

future of the City.

For over 10 years, the Alliance for a Livable Newport (ALN) has promoted and enhanced the quality of life in its city by providing an unbiased resource for information on issues facing our community.