Mice and School Conditions

Hello Viking Families,

We’ve had another visitor (A Mouse) at the Rogers campus today.  As with any sort of facility in a wooded lot, mice will enter into the building and is a common event in all buildings. Seemingly due to the impact of social media, our visitors are getting far more attention than they typically would.

As a School Administration and Community, we have been attempting to address these visitors. We have an ongoing contract with a pest company that visits Rogers HS regularly. During these visits they check traps and rebait as needed. When more activity is noticed, traps are moved to those areas and re-baiting occurs.   In the past few weeks, our pest company has visited campus almost weekly in order to address the mice that have been seen by students.

Please know our maintenance and custodial staff work extremely hard at cleaning up any residual food waste or products which may lure mice into the building on a higher frequency than typical and are working round the clock to keep Rogers clean.

We are very transparent on where our facilities are failing and have held formal and informal tours of our facilities. Moving forward, if a concern is raised or a question should arise about the conditions of Rogers HS, please reach out to me in order to address your concern or question before going to social media.

We are all in this together and want our students to have the best experience at Rogers High School.


Jared B. Vance M.Ed.

Principal - Rogers High School